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12-08-2016, 11:11

Зенит - ФК Ростов

ФК Ростов
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ИТБ1 (1.5)
Сумма ставки:
Начало игры: (2016-08-12 19:30)
Результат: 3:2 (0:2)
Zenit and Rostov in the previous round, contrary to forecasts, lost points, with the same - playing with an outsider zero draws. Zenit failed to overcome the resistance of the Ufa, although had his moments, and Rostov, in spite of the early removal Azmun, managed to keep a draw in the match with the Urals.
Against the backdrop of two consecutive zero draws, the worst thing that could happen to Zenith - absenteeism from the hospital Artem Dzyuba. The only decent zenitovsky striker still treated, while as on the team suffers, creating moments for Witzel, he safely zaparyval, punching in the arms of the goalkeeper, misses the goal, in the top of the bar, but not at the gate. Whether on Dzyuba field Locomotive More could escape from defeat, but certainly no Ufa. By the way, at Witzel Lucescu plays a much more attacking player than that of Villas Boas, where he was largely clean opornikom. A pair of goals zenith today must score in my opinion. Riskiness rate. What is there to do? We think we put !.
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