Футбол. Чемпионат Коста-Рики.
28-07-2016, 20:12

УКР - Депортива Сан Карлос

Депортива Сан Карлос
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Начало игры: (2016-07-29 04:00)
Результат: 2:0 (1:0)
In the summer championship of Costa Rica will start the fourth round, where "U.K.R" on the home field will "San Carlos". The hosts started well and won the first round with a score of 1: 4 in "Carmelites", but then followed the defeat of the "Saprissa" with a score of 0: 3 and a draw with "lemon" - 1: 1. So while home games are not glued, and the "San Carlos" will try again to give way. In a single away game the team played 3: 3 with "Saprissa" at a party, which is pretty good. On the home field "U.K.R" traditionally played quite effectively, at least in recent times. In the current campaign, the team also shows good results in the attack, while the "San Carlos" at least not inferior. We expect that there are prospects in this match on total more.
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