Футбол. Чемпионат Финляндии. 2-й дивизион.
18-07-2016, 23:52

Яро - Ювяскюля

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ИТБ2 (1)
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Начало игры: (2016-07-19 18:30)
Результат: 0:2 (0:0)
The meeting of the two teams, more recently, playing in the top flight, will be final in this round and, perhaps, its main event. Despite a strong performance reviews, it was the hosts are in line and are considered the clear favorite bookmakers potential winner of this fundamental opposition. After three defeats in a row, Jyvaskyla managed together and contrary to the expectations of pessimists and critics, former condition returned and won four victories in a row with a total score of 8: 1, but the home EIF was able to break through the defense once "petting". Jaro were able to overcome extreme in six rounds only one opponent, and still remain among the two teams in the league, who could not get over the season a single victory in his native walls! On the one hand, it is time to terminate this unsuccessful series, the other opponent is now too cool for that. In addition, Jyvaskyla is traditionally uncomfortable opponent for Jaro, the hosts were able to win only once in extreme enemy 11 meetings. Jyvaskyla is much stronger in defense works fine, while the second figure for Jaro clogging below. Guests come with an impressive series of victories, but the owners still can not overcome on their lawn, even your opponent with the last line.
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