Футбол. Чемпионат Южной Кореи. 2-я лига.
18-07-2016, 09:49

Кённам - Канвон ФК

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Начало игры: (2016-07-18 13:00)
Результат: 2:0 (1:0)
"Gyeongnam FC" and "Gangwon" won in the last two games, but opponents are already in a very different position. Despite the low position, the owners have an appropriate level in order to be a good relationship in the first half of the table. Before the season, the team was shot 10 points, and if they will be added to the current earned the "Gyeongnam FC" will be in sixth place, but not in the ninth, which is now. "Gangwon" is on the second line and actively pursues the leader and after the last round of the distance to it was reduced to five points, which is not much, and something needs to motivate the team to new achievements. "Gyeongnam FC" is gaining momentum in the first place, on the floor, so that the fight against "Gangwon" give. Guests rarely penetrate to away games all over itself only once scored twice in his last 10 fights. In 2016, opponents have already met and "Gyeongnam FC" won 1: 0. Prior to this, two matches ended in a goalless draw - at 0: 0 It all comes down to the fact that this fight will be no result.
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