Футбол. Чемпионат Ирландии.
16-07-2016, 20:48

Брей Уондерерс - Финн Харпс

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Начало игры: (2016-07-16 21:30)
Результат: 1:0 (1:0)
"Bray Wanderers" typical outsider League, which is likely to be solved with two teams of residence in the elite of Ireland. Compared with the "Wexford" and "Longford" the current owners have a more advantageous position, being at the moment is 10 bar. This advantage can disappear in only one game, and maturing a logical question, whether today, "Bray" win against Victoria "of Finn Harps", thereby increasing the gap to the relegation zone? It is unlikely, at least I think so, and here's why. The hosts, realizing their position, to play very carefully and all. The first law of this team - the game on defense. They almost were not disclosed, and are looking for their chances of mistakes and counter rivals. Thus, one would expect that in a game like this, "Bray Wanderers" is rarely enough to win a victory in the main draw, of course, but the losses.
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