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15-08-2016, 22:12

Литва - Хорватия

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Начало игры: (2016-08-16 04:30)
Результат: 81:90 (21:13, 20:34, 14:28, 26:15)
Lithuanian national team in Group A of the Olympic basketball tournament became the first team, which issued a ticket in advance to the playoffs. Lithuanians won three starting the meeting, including Brazil and Argentina, which allowed them to take first place. But the defeat in the match against Spain turned crushing (109-59), and it has set the task to win Lithuania national team of Croatia in the final round to get to the United States only in the final.

Croatia holds a very good tournament, but in the last game unexpectedly lost to austayderu group A team of Nigeria. For the Balkan team, this means the need for victory in the final round, otherwise there is a risk to stay in fifth place out of the playoffs.

Lithuanian look great protection, and all components - both under the boards and on the perimeter. The fight against Spain, you can forget the motivation is clearly not enough. Croats Lithuania should definitely beat, and drafts is clearly tired by the fifth match and give a decent fight will not.
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tut govoryat po russki!
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