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10-08-2016, 21:15

Австралия - США

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Начало игры: (2016-08-11 01:00)
Результат: 88:98 (29:29, 25:20, 13:21, 21:28)
Almost a year ago, the Australians played in an official tournament. Frankly, the tournament two matches against New Zealand to name difficult. Both matches were won, but the New Zealanders gave a good fight back in the fight for the championship title Oceania. This year, the only match at the international level, Australia conducted against Argentina. In yesterday's game the spectators were able to watch the game equal contenders. The fate of the match decided only in the last seconds. Luck smiled to match the Australians, who won with a minimum score - 84:83. Under the Australian team at the Olympics will be more difficult than the Brazilians, because opponents will be Serbia, Venezuela, China, France and the United States. However, prior to the start of the tournament no one withdraws from Australian accounts, and they will fight for reaching the next stage.
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